Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#001: Big Spoon

"So my 6'2" ex-boyfriend, 'Clint', is basically one of the girls. He loved tight jeans, The Decemberists, and writing poetry. One night, while sharing my twin bed in my dorm room he was spooning me and randomly rolled over. I asked him why he stopped spooning me, and he replied, 'I just don't understand...why am I always the big spoon? Why don't you ever spoon me?!' I am 5'2" and 70 pounds less than him."

HOW HEAVY IS HIS FLOW?: Regular. Understand that you're a mammoth, dude. You have 2 options: either be the big spoon, or FORK.

Submit your entries!

Hey laaaaadies and men too. Submit your stories to We'll post them to the blog and give the dude a rating on how big of a vagina he is.

Let's get this shit goin! <3

Friday, April 3, 2009


Disclaimer: This is in no way a stab at women or feminism. We are women. We love vaginas just as much as the next dick. However we do not appreciate when we are searching for a good boner but instead find a vagina in its place. This blogspot is solely devoted to men who act as if they were menstruating for all of the days. Please submit your Mangina Monologues from personal experiences. Don't submit stories with real names, but replace all of the names with the name "Clint." 

We are women. Hear us queef.